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Larvatus Prodeo,©
   The Interview
{(The disappearance and Cartesian reappearance of Dr. Carmine Barre.
{(A work of “faction,” yes, factual fiction.)
T. Manning©
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Dr. Taurus Manning is, quite unsuccessfully, trying to convince Ms. Moraima Willco that the character of Dr. Carmine Barre is not himself. Ms. Willco is interviewing Dr. Manning about his book, Larvatus Prodeo. Ms. Willco is a famous talk-show host and interviewer, who by the way could very well have been Mr. Brian Lam of C-SPAN himself.
Dr. Barre is a scientist and author of over 200 scientific publications. He has been a senior resident fellow with the O’Fallon & O’Fallon Foundation. Formerly, he had been with the Agency for the Nation’s Health (ANH) in Bolivar, West Virginia; the Weinstein Institution at the Pontifical University in Baltimore, state of Maryland; the University of the Midwest; and his alma mater, University of Riverside in California. He has been a consultant with different agencies of the League of Nations (LON) particularly the International Intelligence Organization for Health (IOH). His last assignment at the ANH included a detail at the Office of Science and Technology at the Office of the Vice President of the United States of America.
~Underground Bio
[(Note that this portion of Dr. Barre’s bio should have never been divulged except that in their characteristically vindictive, stupid, and criminal fashion, the political personnel closest to the Randolph White House—via an irresponsible and, from now on, infamous columnist—had exposed his intelligence cover as Dr. Carmine Barre published his results.)]
The common underlying thread is Carmine Barre’s early recruitment for covert medical operations into the military medical task force (MIF), a spin-off intelligence service of the National Agency for Intelligence (NAI). The MIF recruited Carmine from early on (1974) in his academic and international career. Among his much medicine-cum-intelligence contributions, Carmine Barre characterized the geopolitical contributing causes of the explosive epidemic of human AIDS (HAIDS).
He entered the United States of America’s (USA) world of academic research and intrigues while retaining his intelligence capacity. As an academic researcher, he was a close-range witness to the United States of America’s Dr. Paggano atrocities against his French colleague, Professor Corniche. He also saw the international scientific misbehaviors with the international smuggling of genetically engineered viruses in vaccines, a repeat of the equivalent misbehavior by the same scientist in the 1950s with the polio vaccine.
Nineteen hundred and ninety-nine was the year of the larvatus prodeo Cartesian reappearance of Dr. Carmine Barre. He miraculously and unexpectedly reappeared (in Latin, Larvatus Prodeo, the title of the book). He had apparently disappeared since 1996.
Under the aegis of the O’Fallon & O’Fallon Foundation, by now handled by Mrs. Lee O’Fallon alone since Mr. Yves O’Fallon’s death, Barre published his expose eliciting great uproar.
The series of personal events in the protagonist’s life that impinged in this story were as follows: he had married in 1965 and remained so until 1991 when his wife became entangled in an affair with a close friend of the couple; his spouse asked him to leave their common place in 1991 by writing in a napkin that he found in his place at the dining table at breakfast; and he did leave on that same day to never come back although repeatedly asked to do so by wife and children.
All contacts with her on his part ceased that day although as it was later found out he religiously listened intently to the messages that he got in his answering machine from his former spouse telling him of her life and always contemporizing. Carmine Barre refused to speak about the subject or denigrate on her although in the rare occasions that he talked about his former wife, he always insisted on referring to her as “a great woman and an even greater mother.”
Although under very different conditions, Carmine Barre’s former international intervention as a troubleshooter had prepared him well for this. Dr. Barre in 1977 had been the first to characterize the more and more prevalent episodes of neonatal (very early after-birth infants) mortality in third-world countries associated to infant formula. Infant formula were only produced and marketed by first-world countries. Barre’s travels to the different affected countries and his work in the Communité Helvetique at the headquarters and central laboratories of the BirdTree™ Ltd. Corporation had given him his first shocking contact with the callousness of the corporate and money marketers of the world. His colleague and research counterpart in those laboratories, Ms. Knüte Mariiá dr.rer.nat, suffered a mysterious accident in which she was seriously and almost fatally maimed. She had evolved from being Carmine’s detractor to become his ally, friend, and lover. During the Infant Murderer trial and simultaneous hearings by the IOH (International Intelligence Organization for Health), Dr. Carmine Barre worked side by side with the Hon. Stella Kenneth Murphy—at the time US congresswoman for her state, later to become United States of America (US) senator (she preferred the title of senatress), and vice president of the United States of America. In spite of her very Irish last names, and as it frequently seen in the meridian Americas, the congresswoman was of Latin American stock.
In later years in Africa, Dr. Carmine Barre was to be introduced to what had been a very early predecessor source of dissemination of the HAIDS pandemic: the massive hunting of wild monkeys; their massive breeding and slaughtering; the consumption of the carcasses, given to local employees as a form of payment; and the usage of monkey remains for ritualistic purposes. This extraordinary and massive contact between monkeys and humans constituted an amazing risk in terms of unknown pernicious tropical diseases.
The United States of America’s pharmaceutical giants had run this operation for the purposes of obtaining monkey kidneys for the massive and hasty manufacture to supply the insatiable needs of polio vaccine for the first-world countries. The original polio vaccine was essentially a raw soup of monkey kidneys in which the seeded poliovirus, by no means the only virus present, grew reluctantly (attenuation) and remained alive. Although never meant to be a vehicle of disease, but the opposite, and successfully at that, such concoction turned out to be an amazing vehicle for intercontinentally moving strange viruses. Furthermore, the monkey tissues, as live vaccine, had been massively reimported to Africa for the sham clinical experiments that had proven the efficacy, from the point of view of polio prevention, in hundreds of thousands of African children. Such was a requisite of the first-world countries before the vaccine could be given to white children all over the civilized world. The perpetrator of these studies was a United States of America’s naturalized scientist at the time, working from one of those pharmaceutical concerns. This scientist was to later on become director of one of the most prominent medical research centers in the United States of America, and as such Carmine Barre’s boss and nemesis.
As an epilogue to Dr. Carmine Barre’s miraculous reappereance (Larvatus Prodeo, the title of the book). he was nominated for and awarded the Niels Bohr International Prize for Services to Humanity.
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~XL-Author Biography (maximum
of 2000 words).
T. Manning,
The Author Himself
-Universities of California-Davis
and San Francisco
-Tulane Medical School and
Michigan State University
-National University of Colombia
-United Nations and
-Royal Government of Denmark
-NIH, 1988-2005
-University of Missouri, 1984-1988
-Wistar Institute of Philadelphia
 and the University of
Pennsylvania, 1983-1984
-University of California, Davis,
1971-1974, and 1979
-Tulane Medical School and Michigan State University, 1966 1968 MSc, 1968
-National University of Colombia
-Pregraduate training in Chile and in Denmark under the auspices of United Nations, 1963 and 1964
- United Nations: Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland, and other countries in Africa
-World (Pan American) Health Organization, Trinidad and Tobago
-Caribbean Epidemiology Center, CAREC (formerly Trinidad Virus Laboratory)
-Cornell University, adjunct professor of international epidemiology
-Visiting professor at his USA’s alma mater, University of California at Davis
-Consultant, Nestle Corporation, Vevey, Switzerland (Communite Helvetique, CH), 1977
-Trainee and visiting scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1972, 1974, and 1981
-1984–1988. Pioneered the development of animal models to study neuroendocrine involvement in wasting syndrome, a pathognomonic symptom of HIV-AIDS or HAIDS and complication of cancer. Actively involved in the development of the feline AIDS model (FAIDS), the best and first characterized oncogenic-immunodeficiency animal virus. Results led to clinical trials and recently implemented the use of megestrol and/or somatotropin/GH palliative treatment for HAIDS and cancer
-1977–1978. Documented the nosocomial outbreaks of formula-borne episodes in neonatal hospital units, which lead to improvements in infant formula
-1979, WHO’s assembly with active participation of US senator Kennedy and in the baby killer trial in Bern, Switzerland. This was the culmination of the infant formula’s investigation
-1970s, middle. Part of the team that characterized the spore-entero toxin of Clostridium perfringens (or C. welchii), a leading cause, at the time, of foodborne diseases
Volunteer and Community Activities
-EEO Committee by the director of NIAID in 1988 as alternate and as principal by the director of NCI in 1990
-EEO counselor
-NIH-Hispanic American Committee and elected chairperson in 1990–1992.
-Active in the communications and entertainment mass media, having done biomedical interviews and talk shows nationally and internationally in the Hispanic channels and stations —Washington DC Channel 48, Univision cable TV, The Cristina Show, the American TV shows, and the Club de la Salud (Good Health Club)—as well as in the written press, i.e., The Journal of the Americas.
-Colombian Veterinary Medical Association/Colombian Society for the Advancement of Science, Excellency in Research.
-Academician, Distinguished Scholar National Academies of (Clinical) Practice.
-Fellow of the Am. Coll. Epidemiology and a member of its Minority Affairs and Ethics committees.
-Author of over 200 publications—including over sixty refereed journal papers and peer-reviewed presentations, seven scientific book chapters, and reviews. Also the contributor of several bacterial, viral, and tissue-type cultures in internationally recognized repositories such as the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). Besides his scientific works, the author is also a published poet  and published historical novel author, i.e., Bolivar and Francisquita.
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